We have designed the premises of Corte del Mulino to make it the ideal solution for team meetings and company events:

  • Thanks to the unique design of glass arches and the latest LED technology used for multiple screens, you will be able to share presentations while using the ambient light surrounded by the outdoor gardens, this offers a wonderful solution to the typical closed-in atmosphere of meeting rooms.

  • Should you need a closed environment or need to split your team in separate rooms for workshops, we offer separate meeting rooms inside the “mulino”. These are all equipped with projectors and A/V, but maintain the characteristic architecture of the villa.

  • A new wi-fi system is installed to cover the entire area of the premises.

  • Thanks to our experience organizing weddings, we are now able to offer a wide variety of options for both lunch and dinner. Options in terms of menu (vegan included), seated or buffet, inside close to the conference areas or outside close to the swimming pool area.

  • We can plan a variety of team activities to complement your working day:- Tasting of high quality local food (Sangiovese wine, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, Parma ham and salami)
    – Cuisine team building assisted by local chef (*)
    – Visit to world known balsamic vinegar producer
    – Visit to vineyards in Tuscany
    – Visit to local parmesan cheese producer
    – Ferrari and Lamborghini test drives

(*) On special request, we can organize private sessions with world-class reputed chefs.


Tasting on-site of best quality local foods

– Balsamic vinegar

 – Parmesan cheese

–  Parma ham

                    – Wines (Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano, Lambrusco)

Balsamic Vinegar Tour

Visit to world known balsamic vinegar factory Acetaia Giusti

Parmesan Cheese Tour

Visit to local parmesan cheese factory

Wine Tour

Visit to vineyards in Tuscany


Wide range of selected top-quality catering services


Cuisine class assisted by local chefs

Test Drive

Ferrari and Lamborghini test drives

Team Building

Programme of various team activities inside and outside the villa


Hi-speed connection available inside and outside all the premises

A/V Technology

All premises equiped with latest A/V technology


Service of illumination customised for each type of event

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For info:

+ 41 797729013

Languages spoken: English, Italian, French, Spanish